Boring Blog Post of Updates

So for those of you paying attention, here’s where I landed on the whole, ‘what do I want to have completed/worked on this year’ list:

  1. New Car.
  2. Saving Money.
  3. Portfolio / Projects.
  4. Life / Events / Introversion.
  5. Get Fit (1 – 3 pounds a week, for six months).

I’m going to just run through these real quick, so don’t expect some meticulously crafted essay or anything.

New Car.

I’m happy to say that within three days of setting the new car goal, it’s completed! I have a new bae. Here’s a shitty picture as seen through my kitchen window screen:

Her name is Veronica (I’m one of those people who names things) and she’s the same make + model as my first car, my once beloved Horatio, who was slain by a West Virginian a year and a half or so ago. I never even dreamed I’d be able to replace Horatio, having accepted that I had a lot of debt and my insurance payout wasn’t very high. Now, though, I’m out of debt. I considered at first that jumping into a loan right as my credit score improved could be considered hasty, but I eventually realized that peace of mind and safety (and to a lesser extent, happiness) were more important.

I wasn’t expecting to buy a car so soon but I couldn’t let Veronica go. While the same make and model (a nissan versa), Veronica is a sedan instead of a Hatchback, and 4 years newer. She also has the added benefit of an upgraded entertainment system, which satisfies my need for new bells and whistles immensely – especially following the 2004 car I’ve been rocking for the past year and a half.

So, anyway, completing goals. That was fast.

Saving Money.

I’ve also made some headway on goal 2 – $100 whole dollars in savings.  I did put Veronica’s downpayment on credit, mostly for the points, and I’m waiting for taxes to pay that off completely. This has the additional drawback of putting more money into somewhere other than savings – in this case, car payments – but for honestly worthwhile reasons. Usually, I’d be beating myself up but I’m taking the wins where I get them.

I’m planning a post on money management soon.


I also took a couple of hours to work on a really dumb project called Migos Ipsum – a migos lyric/ lorem ipsum generator – that I’ll be tweaking and adding to over time. The idea came pretty suddenly and was hugely inspired by the Drake Ipsum generator. The main goal of this first version was to 1) have something made, and 2) completely code something by hand other than CSS/HTML. I’ll be making a more in depth post regarding Migos Ipsum and future additions soon. I’m glad to say I’ve finally got a project I can point to and say, I made a thing.

I’ve got some other projects lined up to announce soon.


I’ve made some movement towards being less introverted, such as making a few – but admittedly far between – plans. We’ll get there. Notice how these updates are getting smaller and smaller.

Health & Fitness.

As far as health and fitness goes, I could have done much better. However, a few documentaries latter and I’m feeling refreshed and inspired to work better on this. I definitely need to put more energy into this goal. But it’s also the hardest, as the results don’t come in an instant. I should probably blog about this at some point too.

Anyway, that’s the boring list of updates that signal I’m trying to jeep this whole blog thing going. Another pseudo goal in the portfolio/ projects category is more often updates, and aside from this ones, more qualitative ones as well.

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