Migos Ipsum

This isn’t going to be a long post, but at migos.seagoat.io I host a lorem ipsum generator that generates randomized Migos lyrics based on placeholder text needs, and I just updated it. I still have a long way to go with Javascript/ J-Query and this is one of those projects that is enjoyable and kind of stupid and meaningless. Over time I hope to keep adding features (like more options, for instance), fixing code, and more.

One thing I want to work on before I update it next is a better way to store the song lyrics than an array. Currently having the lyrics stored in an array out of initial laziness makes adding new lines and cleaning/ editing existing lines more difficult. I was thinking it might just be easier to grab them from a text file and place it into the array when the javascript is loaded.

I also wanted to try to make an API out of it, because I’ve never really done anything with APIs and that’s something I should be more familiar with.

I’d really appreciate you sharing it or commenting on this post with any thoughts or ideas. Bless.

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